Margaret Sung RHN, CHt - Vancouver





R.H.N - Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a Culinary Certificate, Member of the CSNN Alumni Association.


C.Ht. - Clinical Hypnotherapist, Member of the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association.


RYT - Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Certified in: Vinyassa, Yin, Chair, Trauma.



Culinary Nutritionist. Hypnotherapist. Lover of plants.

I am humbled and blessed to have been raised by a chaotic restaurant family who used food as therapy (the emotional kind). I’ve been surrounded by food all my life and have experienced both rejecting food and then coming back to it full circle. Re-discovering the magic of food through nutrition and using food for therapeutic purposes (mind and body) is both intuitive and scientific.

It’s changed the way I view food and myself.

I also believe in plant medicine and alternative therapies and I use food as a medium to work with both modalities. I tend to attract people who want to use food to improve certain ailments or how they feel. My clients also share a curiosity about the healing arts and it’s relevance proved by science.

Outside of my practice, I write for and partner with local communities and companies. My mission is to empower people to explore food as a way to feel better (physically, emotionally, mentally).

I invite you to explore your own wellness journey with me.

With love, 
Margaret  RHN, C.Ht.


The below are testimonials from non-cannabis consuming clients whom I've had the pleasure of working with in various capacities ranging from relaxation techniques to nutrition:

“Margaret’s yin & restorative class cares for the body and the mind. Her well rounded sequencing unwinds the habitual tensions of the body. She weaves in breath awareness and visualization to focus the mind, giving it a break from our to do lists. My body and mind felt refreshed and restored. It is amazing what one hour of self care can do.”
“I absolutely loved the session I had with Margaret. I was a little nervous of what to expect, but I felt comfortable with her right away. Her energy is so warm and welcoming, which makes it easy to open up and talk to her. I felt extremely relaxed during the session. I chose to work on instilling better eating and exercise habits. I’m noticing some changes after the session, I find that I’m naturally wanting to pick healthier food options, and cooking more for myself. I would highly recommend seeing Margaret.”
“I have struggled with childhood trauma and it has continued with me throughout my adult life. I decided to seek professional help however I did not reach a breakthrough nor did I receive the necessary tools to address the root cause of my discomfort. I connected with Margaret and was given a detailed background behind the mind-body-spirit connection. It was a pleasure working with Margaret and I would highly recommend Margaret.”

Instagram: @margaretsung