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"Margaret's yin & restorative class cares for the body and the mind.  Her well rounded sequencing unwinds the habitual tensions of the body.  She weaves in breath awareness and visualization to focus the mind, giving it a break from our to do lists.  My body and mind felt refreshed and restored.  It is amazing what one hour of self care can do." - Ara, Yoga Teacher & Owner of Ara Yoga

"I have struggled with anger from childhood and it has continued with me throughout my adult life. I would exhibit random episodes of un-controllable anger in front of family, friends, and professional colleagues. I decided to seek professional help however I did not reach a breakthrough nor received the necessary tools to address the root cause. I connected with Margaret and was given a detailed background behind the science and techniques used in Clinical Hypnotherapy. As we went through each session I noticed I quickly got to a point where I would no longer experience outbursts in scenarios that previously triggered me. It was apparent to my family, friends, professional colleagues, and myself that my anger has subsided. It was a pleasure working with Margaret and I would highly recommend Margaret." - Rich, Program Manager at Microsoft

"I absolutely loved the session I had with Margaret. I'm not super familiar with hypnotherapy, so I was a little nervous of what to expect, but I felt comfortable with her right away. Her energy is so warm and welcoming, which makes it easy to open up and talk to her. I felt extremely relaxed during the session. I chose to work on instilling better eating and exercise habits. I'm noticing some changes after the session, I find that I'm naturally wanting to pick healthier food options, and cooking more for myself. I would highly recommend seeing Margaret, even if it's just once to experience the beauty of hypnotherapy." - Shalena, Reiki Practitioner