Yin Yoga

Mindfulness Practices. We have been taught to see science and spirituality as separate schools of thought, ironically innovative technology now proves in many ways they are one and the same thing. The effects of yoga and meditation practices are equivalent to discovering an entirely new class of drugs, but without any side effects. 

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Mindfulness workshops $150/60 mins

There is a TON of scientific evidence on the benefits of mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga which you probably have already google'd. My guess is that you have already experienced (to some degree) the impacts of refuelling your energy intermittently through meditative practices which can be a variety of activities including sports, music, praying, walks, quiet personal time, right before you fall asleep, Savasana (at the end of a yoga class) etc...

Very often, the very first things we give up are things which nourish us the most - but seem ‘optional.’ The result is that we are left with only stressors that deplete us, and nothing to replenish or build us up — leaving us exhausted..

Through Yin yoga, I incorporate meditation techniques to guide you through your own experience. Personally, when I first started, I found it difficult to understand what meditation felt like, or if I was 'doing it right '. The truth is, there isn't one answer to this because everyone's experience varies. I would describe it as a highly conscious state of mind where I feel focused, calm, physically relaxed, become an observer of my own thoughts without wanting to react and experience time lapse. 

My Yin classes are structured so that each pose is a mini meditation. Movement is purposeful and allows for physical, emotional and mental observation and reflection.

For those seeking to deepen and/or develop their own practice through a mind-body experience, I offer private classes for small groups and run my own class from sporadically for members only in various locations in the Greater Vancouver Area. Let's connect and I'll send you an invite for the next class!