Group learning, an oldie but a goodie.

Interactive learning provides a richness that deepens our understanding of intuitive concepts. It provides a unique customized experience suited to the energy of the group.

Past Workshop Topics:

  • Mind Body Nourish - How stress impacts digestion creating further stress

  • The ABC's of CBD - Introduction to CBD

  • How to Use Nutrition & Slow Movement for Stress (nutrition class + yoga class)

  • Cannabis 101

Available for bookings. 

$500 - 60 mins

Delivering tailored workshop topics related to nutrition, group hypnotherapy/relaxation techniques and cannabis basics. I have worked with Cossette, Flower & Freedom, Aura Dispensary, Coal Harbour Community Centre, West End Community Centre on various wellness and cannabis workshops.

NOTE: All content will be customized following a client briefing ensuring relevancy and alignment with company goals and objectives. 

In addition, I've had the pleasure of working with some outstanding companies in the past during my corporate marketing days. I am versatile and can customize workshops based on the audience. See below:

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Corporate Productivity.

Companies are now seeing that happiness and productivity are not only related, they're practically indistinguishable.

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Mindful Practices.

We have been taught to see science and spirituality as separate schools of thought, ironically innovative technology now proves in many ways they are one and the same thing. The effects of relaxation techniques through mindfulness practices are equivalent to discovering an entirely new class of medicine, but without any side effects.

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